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train as a Writing Module examiner at a later date. ... 3. At least 3 years full time ( or the equivalent part time) relevant TESOL teaching .... by Cambridge ESOL.

MQ IELTS Test Centre: a business unit of Access Macquarie Pty Ltd

Update 22/7/2014

IELTS Speaking Examiner Training at Macquarie University

Macquarie University IELTS Test Centre usually conducts a Speaking Examiner training course in March and October each year, depending on candidate numbers and Examiner turnover. A third option is a July course, depending on need. Suitable applicants are invited to express interest in being trained to examine IELTS speaking. The dates of the next 2-day training course will be advertised on the IELTS Recruitment page of the Test Centre website: Most commonly, courses are run on Friday and Saturday, but occasionally on Saturday and Sunday. Check the website for details. The course hours are 9.00 to 5.30 each day. Training for the Writing module (also a 2-day course) is conducted less frequently and is by invitation only, and only to the current Speaking Examiner pool. Parking permits will be available for purchase for those who travel in by car at a cost of $6 per day, saving $19.00 per day at 2014 rates. The course venue will be announced at a later date, but will be on the MQU North Ryde campus, and most likely in building E3B. See . The IELTS Test Centre office itself is at the EMC Building, at 3 Innovation Rd. Macquarie University 2109. The Examiner Trainers at the Test Centre are Claire Hicklin, Andrew Thomas (Principal Examiner for IELTS Australia), and Helen Johnston. Interviews will be held in the month before the course. The Centre will select up to 16 candidates from the expressions of interest and interview selection process. All applicants will be informed by email as soon as possible after the selections are made.

Getting Here Macquarie University has a train station. From here it is about 7 minutes walk to building E3B and 2 minutes to 3 Innovation Rd. (Test Centre office). Free car parking for up to three hours free is available at the Macquarie Shopping Centre, just across the road from Macquarie Station. For on-campus parking, car parks are indicated on the Campus Map. Casual parking is currently (May 2014) allowed in car parks X3, W4 & N3, coloured in yellow on the campus map. It is not allowed at all in some car parks, so please check all signs carefully. Fines are issued for parking violations, and the Test Centre cannot intercede on your behalf if you have parked illegally. If you successfully certify as an Examiner at the end of the course, you are required to be associated with the MQU Test Centre for at least two years, and to examine at least once a month. You are not allowed to examine at other Centres on days when our Centre is offering tests. Our Centre runs approx. 22-24 tests per year, mostly on Saturdays, but sometimes examining is done on Sundays or weekdays/weekday evenings. The rate of pay in 2012 is $60.30 per hour (slightly higher if examining on Sundays). A session of examining is usually at least 4 hours. You may be invited to train as a Writing Module examiner at a later date.

Application Process You will need: 1. 2. 3.


An Undergraduate degree or equivalent. A recognised qualification in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). At least 3 years full time (or the equivalent part time) relevant TESOL teaching experience gained after the qualification. To be considered relevant, teaching must be to classes of adult learners, in accredited language schools or teaching institutions. Small groups or private tutoring or one-to-one teaching is not considered relevant. As a guide, applicants need to have accumulated at least 1500 hours of teaching, over a period of at least three years. If your teaching experience has consisted of numerous short or part time positions we require that you complete the form on page four of this document to assist us in evaluating your experience. The required professional attributes and interpersonal skills. The interview is quite important in evaluating these.

You can download all application documents from: You will need to send in, by email attachment in one PDF, to the IELTS Manager and Administrator: 1. 2. 3. 4.

The completed application form – typed, but signed in handwriting, (not a scanned signature) in all 5 sections where required The Attachments A & B A resume – see panel below Scans of all your relevant qualifications for us to sight and copy. Originals to be brought to interview if selected.

We request that the initial application be sent as one scanned .pdf document. It must include the application form with Attachments A&B, a resume with full employment history, and scans of all your relevant certificates, statements of employment, and other supporting documents. Please do not send JPEGS or multiple files – a single .PDF is required. We will then sight the originals if we invite you for an interview. All applications are vetted by IELTS Australia to confirm that we have followed the recruitment procedures. EMAILS: [email protected] (Manager) [email protected] (Test Centre Administrator)

MQ IELTS Test Centre: a business unit of Access Macquarie Pty Ltd Referees NB The application process also requires two confidential references from supervisors who know your professional work. You can download from our recruitment page two forms for you to send on to referees, for them to complete and forward in confidence to the Test Centre Manager and Administrator. Please make sure you encourage them to complete it by the deadline. Also, make sure that you include an up-to-date resume, with a clear record of all your employment history as an ESOL teacher, with the starting and finishing months, as well as years, for all employment. Without this it is often not easy to ascertain your total length of service as a teacher, which must equal at least 1500 hours of adult TESOL classes over a period not less than three years. Please make sure you print all sections of the application form, and sign in all five places requiring a signature, and email to us the soft copies/scans. You must then bring the hard copy of those pages to an interview if selected. Your application is not complete without actual signatures.

Closing date Please refer to the website given above for the closing date for applications. Interviews to take place at the Test Centre as soon as possible after the closing date. All interviews are recorded and may be accessed by IELTS Australia. Please indicate your interest in this training by email to both Dai Harris ([email protected]) and Jessica McCarthy at [email protected] If you are putting in an EoI, please indicate a preferred date soon after the closing date, and indicate a morning/afternoon preference, for when you would like to be interviewed. All interview dates/times subject to change according to the availability of panel members. SEE BELOW FOR ADMINISTRATOR ADDRESSES Jessica McCarthy IELTS Test Centre Administrator 3 Innovation Rd. Macquarie University NSW 2019

Dai Harris IELTS Test Centre Manager 3 Innovation Rd. Macquarie University NSW 2019

Tel 02 9850 7675

Tel 02 9850 6101 M. 0415336356

Further General Information about IELTS Examining at MQ Test Centre AU108 How much work is there, and what are the hourly rates? This Test Centre is based at Macquarie University North Ryde, but has two additional off-site venues. We run up to 24 tests per year at MQ North Ryde, a similar number at USYD Darlington, and 10-15 at USYD Lidcombe. In 2013 we tested over 17,000 candidates at our three locations combined. We have over 130 Examiners on our books. A typical test for us in 2013 was 500+ candidates at MQ North Ryde, 200+ candidates at Sydney Uni Darlington, and in Nov 2013 we ran our first test of 100+ at Sydney Uni Cumberland (Lidcombe). For all this, we need a total of 75+ Examiners working on a given day. Examiners are paid $60.30 per hour. Writing marking is paid at $4.00 per Task 1 and $6.10 per Task 2. These are 2014 rates. Examiners are invited to examine whenever tests are run, which is every 2 weeks or so, for about 4-5 hours of speaking, and there may be opportunities for examining Speaking and Writing (if you are Writing-certified) during the week if you are available. We would expect that you would work for us on any test Saturdays (these are set by Cambridge ESOL) when we are running a test, unless we specifically notify you that there is not enough work for all Examiners. There are 6 other Centres in Sydney, so on days when we are not testing you could possibly work for them if they enter into a Shared Examiner Agreement with us and put you on their payroll. However, once trained by a Centre, Examiners are required to give priority to their Main Centre. We also offer candidates the option of having their Speaking test on days other than the Saturdays of the pencil-and-paper part of the test. Typically these are the Thursday or Friday daytimes before, and the Monday & Tuesday daytimes after each Saturday test, as well as, occasionally, the Monday and Tuesday evenings when required. This means there are extra sessions when some Examiners can get work on weekdays.

MQ’s University of Sydney Test Venues – Darlington and Cumberland (Lidcombe) In 2012 we took over the IELTS Test Centre of Sydney University’s Centre for English Teaching (Wentworth Building Level 5), which we run as an off-site venue of MQ. We run tests there on exactly the same days as at MQ North Ryde. We usually test about 200+ candidates there in addition to our main North Ryde venue. We have a cohort of Examiners who live closer to USYD, prefer to examine there, and almost always do, but we require that Examiners are flexible and agree to work in any location as needed. Since November 2013 we have begun running tests at Lidcombe (USYD Cumberland Campus, 75 East St. Lidcombe). Thus we have three venues. Examiners may be asked to work at any of them according to demand, but we recognize that they will normally be allocated to the one easiest for them to get to. It is expected that Examiners will be flexible about where they work.

When and how long are Examining sessions? Tests at all venues are held on mainly on Saturdays; twice a month, and the mornings are taken up with the Listening, Reading and Writing modules of the test. The vast majority of Speaking module interviews are held on Saturday afternoons, between 1.00 and 6.00 pm, but some candidates are interviewed on Sundays if the test is very large (700 - 1000 candidates). Once or twice per year we MAY hold tests on Thursdays, in which case most interviews are held over to Saturday, when interviewing begins at 9:00 am and runs all day. Most Writing scripts are marked at MQ North Ryde on the Monday - Weds following each test, and we have a small group of Examiners who do most of the writing. If there are enough

MQ IELTS Test Centre: a business unit of Access Macquarie Pty Ltd Examiners available on Saturdays we offer some writing as well, on Saturdays, to those Examiners who have passed Writing training and Certification.

Who is my contract with? All Examiners are employed under a casual contract with Access Macquarie Pty Ltd, which is a company owned by MQU. Before you begin work you will need to fill in the Employee Declaration form, and will need your TFN and bank details. After you successfully certify as an Examiner, you receive a formal Invitation to Examine from Cambridge English Language and Assessment, which means you are certified for two years. You then must re-certify every 2 years thereafter by doing a halfday Standardisation workshop and then rating a set of six recorded interviews to a given standard.

How do I get work at MQ IELTS Test Centre? Examiners express interest on working on the test days for which they are available, by logging into a special secure web page we have created called the “Examiner Console”. Dates for the whole of the current year are available for Examiners to select days on which they wish to work. In this system they nominate test days, and (for MQ North Ryde venue) can book parking permits from us (we pay for your onsite parking which would otherwise cost you $19 a day); they can also update their contact details and leave notes for us regarding any special arrangements we have made with them, e.g. a later start or earlier finish (only for pressing reasons!). Once you have booked in to any test day it is assumed that you have noted that date in your diary and are committed to working on that day. Emails are sent out to remind Examiners to book in if we need more for a particular day, and as soon as the Speaking testing rooms have been allocated to each Examiner a list is sent out to them by email. The system allows you to remove your name from test days but if there is less than 2 weeks notice before the test date you must not do so without calling the Test Centre Administrators to discuss your reasons. As you can imagine, we need as much advance warning of changes to our list of Examiners for each date as possible, and we need Examiners to be reliable in working for us and not double-book themselves or forget their nominated dates.

What happens at my first examining session? If you certify successfully at the end of the course (new Examiners), or if you have transferred to our Centre (Certified Examiners) you will need to attend a brief refresher induction/intro to our Centre on the morning of the first session of testing which you attend. An Examiner trainer will be present in case you have any problems. New Examiners: you will be given 6-8 candidates only, and all your interviews will be monitored by the Examiner Trainers. They will not be physically present in your testing room – they will listen to the recordings. All interviews are recorded by you on digital recorders. They will give you written feedback on your RATINGS and your PROCEDURES (timing, use of the script etc.). If you are not “to standard” in either aspect you may be asked to come into the Centre for further feedback or to watch a “Self-Standardisation” DVD before you are allowed to examine again. There is no payment for these refreshers or reviews of your interviews.

Maintaining active Examiner status Examiners are considered to be “attached” to the Centre which trained them (their Main Centre) for at least 2 years before they can consider a transfer to another Centre, unless of course they are moving to another city. They are also required to examine at least once every three months in order to avoid becoming “Inactive”, which requires an Examiner to complete Self-Access Standardisation, test a reduced number of candidates and to be formally monitored, on their first examining session after the 3 month gap. We really want Examiners to avoid that! After 6 months without examining, an Examiner is suspended from examining, has to attend an Examiner-trainer led Standardisation Workshop and re-certify again by listening to and rating 6 recorded interviews.

FOR TRAINEE EXAMINERS If you are offered a place in the Training Course after the interview: Induction & payment of the course fee The next stage in the application process is induction. There is no extra fee for this. The induction session will take place one or two days before the course, and will be after office hours, to allow trainees who are working to attend. It will last approximately 2 hours and will give you information about the duties and responsibilities of an IELTS Examiner, the format of the test and the global candidature and global standards of IELTS. It is also an opportunity to ask any questions you may have. For more information on induction please consult your Guide for applicants to IELTS Examiner recruitment, downloadable from Payment for the course can be made at the induction session, by completing a credit card authorisation form which will be processed on the next business day. Parking permits to be used on the days of the course can be paid for via the same form and collected at the induction session.

Venue and time for induction session The date of the inductions session will be confirmed at the interview. The venue will be the Test Centre Office at the EMC2 Building, 3 Innovation Road, Macquarie University NSW 2109. This is a modern low-rise office building conveniently located just on the edge of the campus, very near the Macquarie Uni train station and the Macquarie Shopping Centre on Herring Rd., just opposite Three hrs. free parking is available at the shopping centre, but parking for visitors to the EMC2 Building is very limited and may not be available if you intend to drive here. Induction is a mandatory part of the application process so we expect all trainee Examiners to attend. Therefore if there is a very pressing reason why this day and time is not possible for you please contact Jessica McCarthy (0409661338) or Dai Harris (0415336356) as soon as possible to see if other arrangements can be made.

MQ IELTS Test Centre: a business unit of Access Macquarie Pty Ltd You will be asked to sign a form to confirm that you have followed and completed the IELTS Examiner induction, before the training workshop begins. You will also be asked to read the Confidentiality Undertaking before training and sign it at the beginning of the training workshop.

Training After completing induction, and confirming your availability as required and commitment to becoming an Examiner, the next stage in the application process is training for the Speaking module. The training course and certification will last 2 days, and will be led by an Examiner Trainer accredited by Cambridge ESOL. Training details are as follows: Speaking module training (See website for dates). Venue: Macquarie University, Building E3B level 3 unless otherwise advised (Rooms TBA). See the MQU website for the Campus Map.

Arrive at 8:45 am for a 9:00 am start. Please arrive on time as there is a lot of material to cover. If you are delayed please call Jess Mccarthy 0409 661 338 or Dai Harris 0415336356, so they can warn the Examiner Trainer.

FOR EXAMINER APPLICATIONS: YOU MAY BE REQUIRED TO COMPLETE THE TABLE BELOW IF YOUR APPLICATION IS NOT CLEAR WITH REGARD TO TEACHING EXPERIENCE The table on the next page will help you to work out if you have the required minimum 1500 hours of relevant teaching over a minimum 3 year period:

Attachment C - MQ Centre AU108 IELTS Examiner Applicant Employment Record PLEASE RESAVE THIS DOCUMENT WITH YOUR NAME IN THE TITLE BEFORE ATTACHING TO YOUR APPLICATION EMAIL APPLICANT NAME _______________________ DATE________________ Please note: in order to evaluate whether you have at least 1,500 hours of ESOL teaching experience, Test Centres need a record of your relevant teaching employment, as per the example below in the table. Note that these 1,500 hours or more need to gathered over a minimum period of 3 years teaching (so 2 years experience with more than 1,500 hours in that time is not considered long enough). Please type details of your work at each institution on this form and submit it with your application, even if your resume already contains an employment history. To be relevant, ESOL teaching must be to classes (average 12+ students, not one-to-one or very small groups) of adults (aged 16+). In some cases statements of service may be requested to verify your employment history. Part-time experience over more years may add up to the equivalent of 3 years FT experience. From To INSTITUTION MONTH/YEAR MONTH/YEAR


EXAMPLE – delete this row from final copy July 1990

LowerIntermediate to advanced, average 16 students

Jan 1991

UWB College, Marseilles, France

TYPE (EAP, GE, Bus. Engl., IELTS Prep, other exam prep, etc) GE